Canine Campus is being featured in the “Best of Milwaukee” for pet boarding services.  Our commercial will be airing as scheduled below.  I will also post the link to the spot on our home page for future reference.


Date                 Network          Time Slot

06/21               Animal Planet             7-10p

06/22               Animal Planet              4-7p

06/23               Animal Planet             4-7p


06/22               LIFETIME                   3-7p

06/23               LIFETIME                    4-7p

06/24               LIFETIME                    4-7p


06/22               FREEFORM*             7-11p

06/23               FREEFORM*              3-7p

06/24              FREEFORM*               4-7p


06/21               BRAVO                       3-7p

06/22               BRAVO                       3-7p

06/23               BRAVO                       7-11p

*formally ABC Family Channel

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