Dogs boarding with us will follow a daily schedule (see page "A day at Canine Campus") in order to help them settle into a routine.  We normally feed twice a day (roughly 7am and 6pm), but other accommodations can be made as needed.   We deliver treats before afternoon nap time (~1pm) and at bedtime (~9pm), so please pack your dog's favorites!   We have a refrigerator and freezer and can accommodate just about any kind of diet.  We also administer medication and supplements as needed (prescriptions must be provided in the original container from your veterinarian).   We provide stainless steel bowls for food and water, but if your dog needs his own special bowls, please bring them along.  Please also bring one beds/blankets and up to two toys per dog to help make your dog feel more at home.  Make sure to pack your dogs meals in individual servings, labeled with your dog's name.  DO NOT bring large bags or bulk containers as we have limited space.  Containers should able to be folded up for storage.  Remember to  label all items so we can make sure they get back home to you when you pick up your dog.



(per day)

(includes feeding, medication, and snack delivery, 5-6 potty times in private run, and 20 minutes of playtime in a small play group or alone if requested):

Room with one dog ........................ $41.00

Room with two dogs ...........................$66.00

Room with three dogs ....................... $84.00

PeeWee Palace  with one dog ----- $28.00

PeeWee Palace with two dogs.......... $41.00

Rates run from am to a hotel, if you stay past checkout, you will be charge an extra day.  There is a discount for dropping off during the evening hours.

A la Carte Items:

The following ala carte items can be added to your dogs boarding stay to tailor his/her experience.  You have the option to choose up to two additional activities per day to best match your dogs’ personal preferences.  Each item is for a 20 minute session at a cost of $10.  Do not count the 20 minutes of playtime already included with the room rate when calculating total activities for your stay.

  • Yard exercise (additional dogs from same family charged at reduced rate of $6)
  • Scent games (per dog, done individually)
  • Cuddle time in room (per room, multiple dogs no extra cost)
  • Walk (per dog, done individually)
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