Please bear with us as we expand our cattery.  Construction is scheduled from 12 Feb – 6 Mar.  We will be creating a separate room for the cats to play in with all new cubbies, walkways and toys.  Their living area will be quieter and will also have room to keep their carriers and other items.  It will have a sink and refrigerator dedicated to them separate from the area we use for the dogs.  Once construction is complete, we will be supplying the litter, so you will no longer have to bring that along.  During construction, we have dedicated our one extra large size room to house the cats.  Enclosures and all other items will be the same as it was in the current cat room.  This room is the next most secluded room we have.  The cats will still have time outside their enclosures to roam around our grooming room on a daily basis.  Thank you for your understanding as we strive to improve the quality of care we offer all of our four legged clients.  Mary



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