Cats boarding with us will follow a similar routine as the dogs.  Meals and medications are normally delivered twice a day.  Litter boxes are cleaned after each feeding and replenished as needed.  Each cat enclosure has an open area for feeding and hanging out, a secluded cubby for sleeping and a separate section for the litter box.


We will rotate the cats out of their enclosures and into their exercise area so they can stretch their legs and play or just hang out.   We will provide litter boxes with litter, dishes, and some bedding. You will provided their own food and treats.   Remember to label everything so we can make sure it goes home with you.  Cats must arrive in a carrier...we will keep it here in case its needed and of course to go home.



(per day)

(includes feeding, medication, snack delivery, litter, rotation out of enclosure to play):

  • room with one cat                $23
  • room with two cats              $35
We’re really the ones in charge here
We’re really the ones in charge here
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