A big Thank you to all our clients who have started bringing their pets back to Canine Campus, as well as a whole bunch of new clients.  We greatly appreciate your business.

The good news is that we are starting to climb back towards our normal occupancy rate for the summer.  We’re getting close to half way there as we speak.  I have been able to bring a few more employees back to work with partial hours, and will continue to add more as we get busier.

I am opening up PeeWee palace starting this week with the fourth of July.  I plan to keep it available for booking throughout the summer, but as all else in these crazy times, it is subject to change.

I also plan to restart our photo taking/posting on instagram and facebook this holiday weekend.

Because there are other states seeing large spikes in COVID-19 cases (and they are frequent travel destinations for our clients), restrictions on bringing in bedding (beds and blankets) and crates will remain in effect.  Dogs can still bring in a couple toys.  We will provide your pets with beds/blankets/crates/dishes that we have here.  As always, please individually package food by meal and provide treats (do not have to individually bag these):  LABEL everything.

Dogs and cats must be on leash or in carriers for drop off.  Building will still be off limits to clients and we will meet you out in the parking lot for check-in and check-out.  If we don’t come out right away, there is a doorbell on the door to ring (don’t call, we won’t be answering the phone while we’re taking care of clients).  Social distancing of 6ft required at all times.

AM hours will remain 7-8am mon-sat (no sunday) and PM hours will remain 5-6pm mon-sun.

Daycare is available on sat if there are rooms available.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on these issues.  These are meant to keep staff and clients safe and healthy.  Hopefully I will be able to lift some of these restrictions in the future.



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