As of today, we have negative results back from all but one staff member.  We are still waiting on his.  Everyone who tested negative has come back to work this past week.

The last (I hope) process I have put in place to make drop off and pick up as contactless and risk free possible, is payment processing.  We will no longer accept checks and/or cash or process credit cards on site at checkout.  Your credit card will be charged the shift before you pick up, so we make sure the bill is accurate and there is no issue with the charges clearing.  So, if you are scheduled to pick up in the evening, your card will be charged that morning.  For morning pick up, it will be charged the evening before. If you have a credit card entered via our secure client portal, this will be seamless.  Please make sure your card information is kept accurate.  If you do not have a card on file, you will be contacted to get the credit card information over the phone.  I am just one more business going this route to minimize as much risk of exposure as possible. Plus, it really helps checkouts go much quicker.

One other change that I have made which coincides with the COVID changes, but is not specifically due to COVID, is that all dogs will get 20 vs 15 minutes of exercise included with the price of the room (boarding and daycare).  I have always wanted to increase this time, and it seemed like the perfect time to do it.  During inclement weather or other concerns, we may split that 20 minutes into two ten minute sessions.  This has actually been in effect for several months now.

Since this is update #9, I thought I’d provide a quick summary of the changes I’ve implemented due to COVID at Canine Campus, so you have them all in one place:

  • Social distancing and enhanced cleaning/disinfecting procedures
  • Masks required of all employees
  • Masks requested of all clients
  • Gated entry system for dogs & cats (disinfected each shift)
  • No bedding/blankets/crates/bulky items allowed (we will provide here when requested). Cat carriers will still stay here with cats.
  • Only two toys allowed per dog
  • Electronic payment required shift prior to check out (no checks or cash, no credit card processed on site)
  • Vaccination documents required prior to drop off (via portal upload, email or snail mail if time allows) Will not take hard copies at door.
  • Tours done virtually over the phone
  • Lobby hours 7-8am and 5-6pm (no sun am hours).

Some of the things that haven’t changed:

  • Individually bag food per meal (dry). NO BULK CONTAINERS
  • Bring treats- 2/day (they don’t have to be bagged individually)
  • No bowls (unless a specialty feeder)
  • Collars/leashes or carriers required. No loose pets


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