Canine Campus Fee Policy


We no longer accept checks.  We will take cash, however, it needs to be the exact amount because there is no capability to make change on site. Credit Card payments will be collected via our client portal or over the phone the shift in advance of your scheduled pick up.  There is limited capability to run credit cards on site at check out.

Rate calculations

Rates are calculated by day from morning to morning, similar to a hotel.  If you stay past the morning check out time, you are charged an extra day.  This will show up as "Check out day" charge on your invoice.  Unlike hotels, we offer a discount if you drop off in the evening.  This will show up as "PM drop off discount".

Early Pick up 

If your pet is currently boarding with us and you want to pick up before your scheduled reservation ends, we will accommodate those wishes as best as possible during normal pickup and drop off hours. You will still be charged for the entire stay, as we were not able to reserve it for another client.  You will not, however, be charged for activities you did not use, you will only be billed at the basic room rate.  


Clients will not be charged a cancellation fee if they cancel their reservation earlier than five (5) days prior to their intended stay (14 days for holiday stays).    If you cancel closer to the stay than this time period, you will be subject to a cancellation fee for the length of the reservation.  The rate is based on the room type only and is independent of any ala carte activities ordered or number of pets in the room.    

Cancellations for day care must be done at least 24 hours in advance.  If less than 24 hours, a  cancellation fee will be applied.


Deposits will be collected from all new clients for their first daycare or boarding reservation.  This will normally be done at the end of their phone follow up appointment.  

Deposits may also be collected from all clients for reservations over the following holidays: Easter/Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Years.  These deposits will be collected approximately 30 days in advance of the holiday. You will be contacted by a staff member to confirm the reservation before we collect the deposit.  


Reservation changes due to true emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis.

Military & First Responder Discount

We honor our military veterans and first responders (fire & law enforcement) by offering a 10% discount on all services.  ID or proof of service required.

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