I just wanted to send out a note to let everyone know how Canine Campus is doing in spite of the challenges of this year.  Bottom line, we are still in business and unless things take a dramatic turn for the worse, we expect to stay in business.

There are several reasons we are making it and I want to point them out.

First and foremost, I have the best staff you can imagine.  We have unfortunately lost a few due to early retirement, change in life situations, and other issues, but those that are still here are healthy and have been awesome adapting to the changes the craziness of these past nine months have brought.  I cannot thank them enough.  All the changes we’ve made in our protocols have been to keep them safe so they can care for your pets.  We can’t exist without these outstanding folks.

Second, has been our awesome clients.  We’ve seen a huge loss in our boarding business since folks aren’t traveling, but our daycare program has continued throughout.  I’m just happy that we have been able to support all our first responders, healthcare workers and other essential business employees with this service while they have been working hard to keep everyone else safe.  Thank you so much for your continued use of Canine Campus.

Third, the grant money, deferment of mortgage payments, plus other CARES Act incentives have been able to keep us afloat fiscally this year.  These have gone away or will shortly, so we will definitely be using the loan made available by Congress to make ends meet for the next several months.  With the vaccines coming out, we should have enough to last until people are able to travel and our boarding business gets back to “normal”.

Although this has been an unprecedented year for everyone, I want to thank each and every one of our loyal clients and let you know we will be here for you when you can come back.

Happy Holidays…stay healthy and see you soon!


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