Canine Campus will be creating a new entryway which will add a 15- by 8-foot vestibule to the front of our building.

  • The vestibule will have two doors:  one for drop-off and one for pick-up.
  • Between the two doors will be shelving units containing the belongings of the pets being picked up.
  • Customers dropping off pets will come into the lobby to check in.
  • Customers picking up pets will use a service window to check out after picking up their belongings.

The construction will be done in two phases; the first, hopefully, within the next two weeks and the second in 6-8 weeks. While this work is being done, we will have a tent set up on the east side of the driveway for you to check in/out your pets.  We will notify you when we have exact dates for these phases.

The following procedures/requirements will remain in place:

  • Pets will be required to be on lead or in carriers at all times.
  • Only ONE client at a time will be allowed in the lobby.
  • Online payments will still be processed the shift prior to pick up.
  • Masks will be required for all clients for the short period they are in the building (until CDC changes their guidelines for indoor activities).

This addition will provide an even safer entry/exit path for our clients as well as streamline the pick-up and drop-off process.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


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