We have roughly six acres, which contain the house, the kennel proper, and a large field.  We are landscaping the field in 2019 for walking paths.  Wisconsin has ticks, so please take this into consideration when requesting a walk.  We keep the dogs out of the brush and do a cursory look for ticks afterwards, but cannot guarantee your dog will not pick up one or two that escape our notice.

Dog Walk


Fiesta Area:  best for social dogs and dogs that do not do well in an isolated area.  Total of 20 rooms.

Siesta Area: preferred by dogs that enjoy a more secluded environment, or one without a lot of activity. Total of 10 rooms.

PeeWee Palace:  Opened May 2019, this has 5 small rooms for small dogs in a quiet area off our lobby.  Certain restrictions apply to stay in this area.

Siesta & Fiesta room view from outside door
PeeWee Palace


Our newly renovated Cattery opened on 7 March 2018.  Our feline friends now have their own separate exercise room with lots of things to climb on, jump over, run through, and play with.  Their living quarters are located next door and are very quiet with their own private enclosure.   If you desire and there is an appropriate cat available, we can try to match up a playmate while staying with us.  The cattery is located just off our lobby, away from our canine kennels.

We'll Work with You

room for crate…also makes a for a great view out the window

All our Fiesta and Siesta rooms are 6x8ft and have a 20ft outdoor private run attached.  This is where the dogs will go out to potty throughout the day.  The rooms can accommodate crates and beds.

Our PeeWee palace has one outdoor run that is shared with the dogs staying in those rooms.  Once they have been properly introduced, they can go out to potty together, otherwise they will be let out individually.  Due to smaller size of rooms, no crates will be allowed.

checking out the private run…can’t even see the neighbors


East yard
lots of room to run and chase balls in the east yard

We have four outdoor fenced areas separate from the private runs where dogs go out in small playgroups or by themselves for exercise.  We have three 100x120 large grass yards with a shade tree in each, and one 20x100 yard made of pea gravel, mulch, and grass, with a covered area for shade.   Dogs are rotated through the yards for playtime.  We also have kiddie pools when the weather gets hot.  Please bring along your dog’s favorite toys, or we have some he can borrow while he’s here.

New Exercise Yards
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