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Starting at Canine Campus in 2012, I've worked with the dogs and with customers at the front desk.  In the past, I have taught basic obedience and puppy manners classes and had a pet sitting business for a few years.  Dogs have been a part of my life since I was 3 years old; German Shepherds filled my early years, while as an adult, I had Border Collies and Shelties.  Currently, am being trained by Addi, my Yorkie.   I work from home and am the "Voice of Canine Campus", answering all the inquiries, bookings, new clients, etc.



I've been working at Canine Campus since 2014. My family and I have had our shih tzu mix for 4 years now. Upon getting rescued by Fluffy Dog Rescue, she had a litter of 5 adorable puppies and was given the name "Patience" for how she took care of them. Since then, she's shown just how patient she can be with my young nieces who visit often

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My first job was busing tables at a restaurant but until I started working at Canine Campus in 2018, I did not truly LOVE my job. I love working with animals and learning how they behave and interact with each other and different people. I have two dogs; Reggie and Lily. In the future I wish to pursue a career in helping animals while continuing to understand how they communicate. In my free time I enjoy traveling, rock climbing, watching movies, and drawing.

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