Canine Campus will take pictures of our guests as a courtesy to our clients and for use on Canine Campus social media (website, facebook, instagram).

We will receive permission from new clients during their tour on whether or not they will allow us to use pictures of their pets on social media.  Photos will not use last names, and will not be posted until clients have picked up their pets.

We are NOT professional photographers.  Do not expect professional quality pictures.

We are not in the business of taking pictures, we are in the business of caring for your pets, so taking pictures is a courtesy only, NOT a service we are providing (or charging for) as part of our boarding or daycare packages.  

That said, we will attempt to take ONE picture of your pet during each of the following:

  • Each boarding stay
  • First ever day care
  • Every other month for regular day care dogs

Pictures will be taken by a staff member who is not actively working/exercising our animals.  I cannot jeopardize our guests safety by having someone who is taking care of them being distracted by photographing them. 

The vast majority of pictures will be taken on the weekend.  Pictures will be uploaded to each client’s photo gallery and emailed as soon as possible after they are taken.    Please honor our schedule and staffing so we can accommodate everyone.

The photos will be resized allowing for easy posting and emailing.  We will NOT email or upload large data files, so please do not ask for them.  It may just be one picture to you, but it's one of thousands for us. Our software and hardware does have limitations. 

Social media posts will normally occur several days after your pet’s stay has ended.

Photos will remain in your photo gallery indefinitely.  

Everyone enjoys getting photos of their dogs while they are away.  We will do our best to accommodate that, however, please respect our staffing, scheduling, and expertise in getting a photo while your pet is staying with us. 


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