Protocol for Dogs who won’t eat 

  • If your dog does not typically eat when stressed or in a new environment, we will not force him to eat.
  • Dry food will be left out for 24 hours and then replaced.
  • Wet food will be left out for no more than 12 hours before being replaced.
  • If your dog goes for 3 meals without eating, we will try to add some pumpkin.  If that doesn't work, we will try chicken broth or watered down canned food ("gravy") to his meal as incentive to eat.  If you would prefer us to use something else, please provide it with you when he checks in. There is no charge for this.
  • If we still cannot get dog to eat after fourth meal, we will contact you for additional instructions.  We can provide cooked turkey and pumpkin, but there will be a charge for this ($1-$1.50/meal depending on size of meal) .

Protocol for Diarrhea

  • If your dog has diarrhea or runny stools while he is in our care, we will contact you immediately to get approval for the protocols listed below.
  • If you know your dog develops diarrhea or other GI issues when stressed out by an unfamiliar environment, please talk to your veterinarian about a prescription for metronidazole as well as other non-prescription supplements (probiotics, slippery elm, peppermint, ginger, etc).  We cannot provide medications that have not been specifically prescribed by a vet for your specific dog, and will not provide non-prescriptions supplements without your approval (some can be contra-indicated for use with other medications). If you provide these in advance, we will only use them if needed.
  • If we need to prepare a special turkey and pumpkin meal mixture as indicated below, there will be a charge ($1-$1.50/meal depending on size of meal).  If your dog can’t have these items, you need to provide an appropriate substitute.

Our protocols are based on those recommended by Dr. Karen Becker.  Please visit her site for further information:

  • First 12 hours:  Dog will be fasted and owner contacted to review protocols and get any additional instructions.
  • Next 12-48 hours:  Dog will be fed a bland diet of cooked turkey and pumpkin. This will be provided for 3 meals per day at a quantity of ¼ of dog’s normal daily ration  (ie 75% of normal daily feeding), until normal stool is achieved.
  • Final 48+ hours:  Dog will be fed half of his normal food mixed with half of the same turkey and pumpkin mix for 2 meals per day.  If dog tolerates this and stool remains formed, he will be put back to his regular feeding schedule.  We will also continue to add pumpkin. 
  • If diarrhea continues, worsens, or blood is observed in stool, we will contact you and seek veterinary care for your pet.  


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