We are changing our tour process for new clients to better provide more information early on in the process as well as more efficiently utilize everyone’s time.

COVID made us close our doors to on site tours, so we have been doing everything by phone.  However, that is not the best way to relay information.  So we are adding a slide show presentation which will provide both written and visual context to the information that needs to be relayed.  Its also a great way for existing clients to refresh their memories on what to bring and not to bring and changes we’ve implemented since COVID started.

The Onsite Guided Visits are still on hold, however, I hope to get them restarted in early summer.  Priority will be given to the new clients who have not had the opportunity to visit since COVID started last March.

The details of these revised procedures and the slideshow are all on our New Client Page, but are repeated below as well.



For New Clients

Step 1.  Review Slide Show Presentation.  Click on the link below to review our information presentation.  Viewing of this is required before our phone tour.  It will also give you some idea if we are the best boarding choice for your  pet.

Step 2.  Registration.  If you like what you see in the presentation, please use the green client portal button at the bottom of the page and register as a new client in our secure portal.  (NOTE:  your account will be tied to only one email address, so make sure to use the one you want tied to this account).  Once you register, you will be asked to create a password.

  • Fill out your information, your pet’s information, veterinary information, emergency contact (this should be someone who is NOT traveling with you and can make decisions for you if we cannot get hold of you).

Step 3.  Scheduling Phone Tour and Signing Agreements. While in the portal, use the blue “book now” button to schedule a phone tour.  These are conducted by appointment Mon – Fri.  Times may vary by day, but they will appear when you make the reservation.  The purpose of the call is to answer any questions you have from the presentation, discuss any special needs of your pet, ensure your portal information has been entered, confirm your bookings, and collect a deposit.  The call should be 5-15 minutes depending on the issues to discuss.

  • Once you have the phone tour booked, please sign all four  electronic agreements that will appear.
  • If you have dates for a boarding or day care in mind, you can also book that using the “book now” button.
  • If you have the capability, you can also upload vaccination records and photos to your portal.

Step 4.  Guided Site Visit. This is not required prior to boarding your pet, but is highly encouraged.  These are offered Sunday afternoons and are conducted by the owner. You must have all the above requirements met prior to attending this visit. While in the portal, use the blue “book now” button to schedule a Guided Site Visit.  They are approximately 15 minutes and limited to two adult family members.

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