I can’t believe its been three years since I bought the business from Marianne and Marge.  Some days it seems like I’ve been here forever, and others it’s just yesterday.

I want to thank all of you, our wonderful clients, for supporting my staff and I over these three years.  Canine Campus was recently contacted to be featured in “The best of Milwaukee Area” campaign.  This is all due to your support and wonderful reviews.  Thank you so much.  I will let everyone know when these TV ads will air as we get closer.

I am continuing to make improvements to the facility to better enrich your pets stay here.  The cat living and exercise areas were completed last year, and we added the two big exercise areas for the dogs just before Christmas.  We will be completed with adding concrete stoops in every run before Memorial day.  I have contractors scheduled in June to resolve drainage problems in the yards and driveway areas.  This year we will be clearing more paths for walking in the back field and adding a couple shade trees for breaks during those hot summer days.  We will also finish the lobby upgrades when we epoxy the floor sometime over the summer. Thank you for being patient while we get all this work complete.

The newest addition comes with the loss of our underwater treadmill.  Due to numerous reasons, I made the decision to discontinue our Aqua Paws services last fall.  The equipment was donated to HAWS, so it will still be used to rehab rescue dogs.  The room off the lobby is currently under construction to add five small dog rooms and an indoor play area.  This room will be called Pee Wee Palace, and will be available starting Memorial Day weekend.  There are three 4×4 rooms and two 4×6 rooms, and a dedicated oversized outdoor run attached.  The room rate will be $10 less than our standard rate.  Because it is next to our lobby, the dogs staying there can’t be barkers.    Dogs will continue to exercise in our regular exercise areas, unless weather prohibits, then the dogs have their own indoor area to play in.  It will be available for booking shortly. Let us know if you would like your dog to try this out.

Thank you very much for your continued support to Canine Campus.

Mary Helinski

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