Its been a busy summer and I hope everyone is well.

Over the past months, I have been looking at our daily schedule and particularly our evening feeding time.  We currently feed at 4PM, before our evening check in and check out time of 5-6PM.

Many of our clients do not send a meal for this feeding, since they will feed the dogs when they get home. Many of our dogs don’t eat right away, so we do not feed them before they go home, as the food will just sit there uneaten.  Several of our dogs get carsick, so cannot be fed at all.  And a vast majority of the dogs don’t usually get fed as early as four in the evening, so tend to wait until their normal feeding time to eat.  Of course, our chow hounds eat whenever you put food down:-)

So after considering all this, as well as timing of medication delivery requirements (ie 12 hours apart, 8 hours apart, 1 hour before meals, etc), we are switching our evening feeding time to 6PM, after check ins/outs, to better accommodate our four legged clients needs.  As always, if your dog needs to eat at specific times or with medication, we can make specific arrangements with you when you check in.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  This only affects the evening feeding.  Other feedings are unchanged, and there are no changes to check in or check out times.

Thank you
Mary and the Canine Campus Staff

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