As we head into the fall season, we are losing staff to college and lifestyle changes, reducing my staff once again.  Hiring replacements, both full time and part time, has been nearly impossible. 

Consequently, I am once again forced into reducing the services we provide until I can get additional folks hired and trained. 

What this means:

  • We will continue to take Day Care requests for Monday-Friday only (no weekends).  Requests will be booked a maximum of a month in advance.  
  • We will NOT be accepting new clients or offering tours of the facility.
  • We will NOT be offering any baths/brushings.
  • ALL NEW boarding requests that come in will automatically be listed as PENDING.  They will not be confirmed unless there is adequate staff available.  Please still submit them, so if openings are available, we can fill them.  However, please have a back up plan in case that doesn’t happen.
  • Existing CONFIRMED boarding requests through the end of October will be honored.  
  • Existing CONFIRMED boarding requests starting in November will be honored as much as possible.  However, if staffing has not resolved, I may be forced to cancel these.  A decision on this will be made in early October and you will be notified either way.

I am extremely sorry I am forced to do this.  Unless this labor shortage resolves and folks are interested in having and keeping a job, I am extremely concerned about being able to stay in business.  My position is worse now than it was at this time last year.  I am doing everything humanly possible to keep Canine Campus open as the preferred boarding and daycare facility it has always been.  By shutting some of the windows mentioned above, I hope I can still keep the doors open.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  I hope to see everyone back soon.



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