Hiring qualified applicants is a widespread problem for all companies.  Small businesses in the service industry seem to be the hardest hit, including Canine Campus.

I will not sacrifice the quality care we provide, so I have already suspended non-essential services which, thus far, are picture updates.  I have considered suspending baths and brushings, but am not doing that quite yet.  They will still be provided when requested.

Therefore, with reduced staff, I am forced to reduce the number of pets we can take in, until such time as I can get additional staff hired and TRAINED.  Therefore, starting 1 Oct, I am reducing the available rooms by 40% and will operate at 60% capacity.  ALL CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS WILL BE HONORED, but new reservations may end up on a waiting list.  We will continue taking both boarding and daycare reservations for dogs and cats as rooms are available.

As soon as I get staff hired and trained, I will start reopening rooms and we will start confirming the reservations from the waitlist. 

The hiring shortfalls and price increases we’re seeing as fallout from the pandemic have led to much higher labor costs; I’ve also had to raise prices here at Canine Campus. 

Canine Campus has survived the pandemic for 18+ months…I refuse to let it get us now.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  We’ll see you at your next visit. 


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